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Leader’s Speech

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QINGZHOU ORIENT SPECIAL CERAMICS CO.,LTD. is specialized in producing evaporation boats. In this regard, we have achieved great success in the past. Our ambition now is to become the best evaporation boat manufacturer in our country.
Meanwhile, the boron nitride products, titanium diboride products, zinc sulfide film materials, high-purity aluminum wires special for coating or other high-tech or supporting products are of complete varieties and good quality.
To achieve this target, our products and services must be superior to others in terms of performance, quality and price.
To achieve this target, we must invest more.
We shall invest three percent to six percent of our turnover in research and development.
We shall invest in personnel, because they are the company's most valuable asset, meanwhile, we shall continue to improve the quality of personnel.
We shall invest in production facilities, so as to meet higher quality and service requirements of customers, accept a full range of global challenges, and join hands with domestic and foreign colleagues to achieve brilliance.